Create an API Key

Learn how to create an API in the Developer Mode of Morph.

You will need an API Key to authenticate your requests to Morph API.

Create an API Key

To create an API Key:

  1. on the left panel of the Developer Mode, click on the API Key button.
  2. Name the API Key.
  3. Click Enter to create the API Key.

:white-check-mark: Your API Key has been created!

Find your API Key from the Developer Mode

You can find your API Key at anytime.

In the Developer Mode, click on the API Key button to go back to the API Key page.

All the API Keys you will create will be listed on that API Key page.

Keep your API Key secure


Your API Keys are secret credentials.

Unsafe practices:

  • :no-entry: Do not share your API Key in code accessible shared publicly such as GitHub.
  • :no-entry: Never store the API Key in your source code nor commit it in version control.

Recommended practices:

  • :ok: Read API Keys from environment variables.
  • :ok: Use a secret manager or a deployment system to define your API Key in the environment.

IP address option

You might have noticed the option to define IP addresses.

For this tutorial, we have skipped on purpose the option to set IP address.

In short, the IP address option allows you to restrict the access to the API, for greater granular control over which user or machine can access your API resources.


To learn more about this IP address option, how to configure them and how to use them, see Authentication.