Parameters of the request

Obtain all the required parameters necessary for the API request to the Query Records endpoint of Morph REST API.

You will need the following parameters to the make the API request to the Query Records endpoint of Morph API:

  • headers parameters: API Key
  • body parameters: will be provided to you
  • path parameters: teamSlug, databaseId and tableSlug


Temporarily save the parameters

We recommend you to copy and paste these parameters temporarily the same place so that you can easily find them for the next steps.

Headers parameters

The API Key you have just created. The API Key will be the value of the x-api-key header parameter.

Body parameters

You can use the body parameters provided below.



The limit is set to 5 , so the response will only contain the first 5 rows of the Table. You can change the value of the limit as you wish. For this tutorial, the limit is set to a small number to keep the length of the response easy to read.

Path parameters

  • teamSlug
  • databaseId
  • tableSlug


Where can I find my teamSlug, databaseId and tableSlug?

Head to Find teamSlug, databaseId and tableSlug.