The Morph API allows you to manage your resources on Morph programmatically. With the Morph API, you can integrate Morph with your own system and create application features with Morph as a backend.

The resources include:

  • Record
  • Field
  • Storage
  • Chat


All resources belong to your database in Morph and please create a database in advance.

API types

There are two types of APIs in Morph: Admin API and Data API. See below for more information on the role and use of each.

Admin API

The Admin API is mainly used by administrators, and API keys for the Admin API can be issued in dev mode. This Admin API Key allows access to all endpoints of the Admin API. The IP address of the caller can also be restricted.

Data API

The Data API allows for more restricted APIs than the Admin API, and API keys for the Data API can be created from the database on the dashboard.
Each API key corresponds to a specific endpoint, so you can generate and use only the API key for the endpoint you need.


The base URL to send all API requests is different by API types.

  • Admin API - https://{teamslug}
  • Data API - https://{teamslug}


About teamslug

{teamslug} in base url should be your teamslug that you use on your dashboard.

You can check your teamslug from the URL on the dashboard by selecting the team for which you want to use the API and the URL will be displayed as${teamslug}.

Morph API follows RESTful conventions when possible, with most operations performed via GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests. And most of the request and response bodies are encoded as JSON.


We have an SDK available to make integration with Morph easier for you.